Crystalinks Mining & Construction has an obligation to do more than just generate profit for its owners, we also see it as responsibility to give back to the society and host community.

We continually seek to employ every resources to make our environment healthier and safer for the society at large, that is reason we are always known to be at the forefront of everything we do.


Sustainable Design

Building construction and operations can have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment, society, and economy, Crystalinks Investment & Services seeks to balance the needs of these areas by using an integrated approach to create win-win-win design solutions.

Some of our main objectives  are to reduce, or completely avoid, depletion of critical resources like energy, water, and raw materials; prevent environmental degradation caused by facilities and infrastructure throughout their life cycle; and create built environments that are livable, comfortable, safe, and productive.

We also Design major renovations and retrofits for existing buildings to include sustainable design attributes reduces operation costs and environmental impacts, and can increase building resiliency.


Educational Outreach

We take pride in education, that is the reason we try to inculcate it into everything we do. We currently have educational outreach programs running in every community we work in, as a way of saying thank you. We distribute various education materials and collaborative activities that are designed to engage the youths and foster community participation in addressing issues of concern and promoting their wellbeing.

We achieve this through organising outreach campaigns that targets the young people, providing them with sponsorship and scholarship through various levels of education, also indulging them into educational experience through community based organisations, museums and after school programs, etc, including supporting the professional development of the professionals who work With them.


Environmental Stewardship

We respect the environment we work in, and we fight to protect it at all times through proper recycling conservation, regeneration and restoration of the environment. We take responsibility for our choices, putting system in place that would enable us use resources more efficiently, reduce waste and minimising the negative impact it creates on the environment and providing a healthy, more efficient and effective working environment for all.

We embody the concept of a Green Environment, Green Community which is conceptualized as smarter and better as it focuses on using environmental friendly products and supplies, using as little energy as possible and putting out the smallest amount of waste as possible, and generating little visual, noise and physical pollutions as possible to promote economic benefits, human health benefits and the protection and conservation of the environment.



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