invest-in-miningAs an investment opportunity, there may not be a better time to capitalize on today’s new “Gold Rush” than to look into the mining equity market.  The commodities have risen to new highs while the miner stocks have languished.  We believe this cycle will change in the near future as many mining companies start to focus on yield and production to create cash-flow.  Many miners simple seek reserves and stock performance as a measure of value and for this the commodity has out performed this philosophy.

Some mining stocks are undervalued or poised to succeed with philosophy and the team assembled.

We are featuring some opportunities that we are involved in.  Please link to these articles to find information and investor contact information

Opportunities Exist in Many Areas of the Globe for Mining Investments

  • Hard Rock
  • Placer
  • Various/miscellaneous

There are several ways to invest in mining opportunities

  • Purchase
  • Stock
  • JV
  • Partnership
  • LOAN (secured or unsecured)
  • Purchase metals at discount for future delivery

For many years the Gold and Silver mines have not been in production due to metal prices and cost of mining not resulting in a net profit.  Today, these factors have changed and many mothballed mines are now being opened.

In fact, the current market is perfect for this since there are known resources that have been on hold until such an economic and profitable correlation.  The Major companies are going after the largest and most profitable opportunities.  The smaller 200,000 to 500,000 ounce gold -opportunities have not all been acquired or opened as of yet, and remain open in the market for the right investors and groups. This similar reality was experienced in the domestic oil production when prices began to soar.